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What is the idea behind the Early-Bird Registration and how will it benefit the current players & families?

The early-bird registration for current families allows a twofold benefit;  (1)We want the players and families to understand that while we do break the soccer year into two seasons for these developmental age groups, rather than requiring them to play year round; for the players that desire to focus on soccer in the spring, your team will remain the same and you do not need to worry about tryouts and all the stress and questions that accompany that.  We are committed to the players and team and will continue to build upon the training and development that you have been working on all Summer and Fall.  (2)By offering the early registration option for families, your spot on your existing team is secured and guaranteed.  As a club, this allows us to know our numbers early, thereby allowing us to know how many open spots, if any, we have on each team which in turn allows the coaching staff to conduct the proper evaluations during our Spring Season Training Camp.  We offer the discount as a thank you to our current families for remaining with our program.

When does Spring Season start and end?

Spring Season runs from early January through to May. Please see the ‘Season Outline’ page for more info.

What is the Early-Bird Registration process and how does it work?

The Early-Bird registration is open to current NPSA team players that play on our 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 boys and girls teams. These players can choose to secure their spot on their current team for Spring Season by signing-up before the end of day November 5th.

What happens if I miss this deadline but still want to register?

Current players that miss the November 5th deadline can still secure their spots on their current team if they sign-up between Nov 6th and Nov 26th. They will not receive the $100 discount if they sign-up after Nov 5th.

Are there any tryouts for Spring Season this time around?

There isn’t going to be a tryout as such for Spring Season but the Spring Season Training Camp (SSTC) will allow new players to check out our program and for them to be assessed by our professional coaching staff.

If I am not a current NPSA player but want to get on a team for Spring Season, how can I do this?

Any player that isn’t currently on an NPSA team but is looking to join, can do so by participating in our Spring Season Training Camp between Nov 27th and Dec 10th. We will assess all new players that attend the camp with a view to potentially offering them a spot on one of our teams for Spring Season.

If I sign-up for Spring Season on my current team, should I still participate in the Spring Season Training Camp?

While it is by no means mandatory, we recommend that all NPSA players on our seasonal teams (2009-2006) participate in this program. Above all, it will help maintain their fitness and sharpness in the off-season and allow potential new players to train with our current team players which will help us to assess them more accurately.

If my player is currently on the White team but wants a shot at moving up to the Navy team, how can this happen without a specific tryout?

All players on NPSA teams are constantly being monitored and assessed to make sure that they are on the correct team and playing at the right level for their current stage of development. The aim of all White team coaches is to develop their players so that they are ready to challenge for a spot on the Navy team as soon as possible. Therefore, tryout or no tryout, if your player is ready to make that step up we will make it happen at any time of the year.

What does the practice schedule look like in Spring Season?

Team practices will start up again the week of January 8th for Spring Season and we are working on the exact schedule for each team currently. We aim to have this finalized and communicated by the end of November.

What are the costs involved with being on a team for Spring Season?

The registration fee is $850 for U8-U10 and $1050 for U11-U12. If you already have the uniform from Fall Season, you do not need to buy the uniform package. If you are new to the program, the uniform package costs $323.

Can my player do another sport in Spring and still be on an NPSA team?

The simple answer to this question is yes. We encourage our players to participate in other sports that they are passionate about. However, the likelihood is that by being a dual-sport athlete you will encounter conflicts over the course of a season whether it be with team trainings or games. As long as this is communicated upfront to your coach then there is no issue from our side and hopefully the conflicts are minimal.