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Mario Martinez

Full Name: Mario Martinez Quintanar

Birthdate: 08/14/1986

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Club Supporter:  Club America, Real Madrid

Favorite soccer player - Zinedine Zidane

Club Role: G08 Navy Bellevue - B09 White Bellevue - B08 White Bellevue - B07 White Bellevue

Coach Mario Martinez is entering his first full season as an NPSA Coach! Mario brings a lot of passion and energy to his games and trainings as he is a huge soccer fan and grew up in a soccer family.  Alongside working for NPSA, Mario is also a high level referee who works matches of all ages around the great state of Washington.  

Coach Mario is a consultant for many of our coaches when it comes to officiating and reffing.  Mario presents some good insight to our coaching staff regarding officiating and it is beneficial for our staff to understand the role that referees play in youth soccer. 

Mario is currently working as the head coach of the G08 Navy, B09 White, B08 White, and B07 White Bellevue teams.  Coach Mario does his coaching with three “L’s” in mind: No Laps, No Lines, and No Lectures. Coach Mario creates a playing environment that allows players to naturally develop into the game.  Coach Mario also emphasizes strong team play and responsibilities for each and every player.  Developing relationships with players allows coaches to effectively teach and coach them in more productive ways.  We are fortunate to have a coach with Mario’s experience be a part of our club and we look forward to his continued work with NPSA.