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Center Of Excellence

COE Development Academy

The NPSA Center of Excellence is back this Fall with a program dedicated to the development age groups.

The COE Development Academy is open to players 2010, 2009 & 2008 only and focuses on educating the players on the fundamentals of the game in a fun, safe environment.

The Director of this program is Erik Oman and he brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and credentials in coaching education and child development. There is literally nobody more qualified to develop young soccer players than Erik and we are extremely lucky to have him in our program.

Erik has designed the 10 week curriculum for the COE Development Academy and will lead the sessions alongside the NPSA professional coaching staff.

COE Curriculum - 10 Week Outline:

  1. Intro to ball mastery - bottom of the foot control - ‘Don’t crash!’
  2. Ball mastery 2 - bottom of the foot change of direction - ‘Being sneaky!’
  3. Ball mastery 3 - move combinations - ‘Being unpredictable!’
  4. Passing and receiving intro - technical foundation - ‘Being a teammate’
  5. Passing and receiving 2 - support - ‘Being a wingman’
  6. Passing and receiving 3 - getting behind defenders - ‘Beating movement’
  7. Defending intro - technical foundation - ‘Patient pressure’
  8. Playing in groups - principles of play - ‘Depth, width and length’
  9. Defending 2 - pressure and cover - ‘Hunting in packs’
  10. Small sided games - soccer problems for players to solve - ‘Fun with your skills’

The full schedule details are below;

Duration: 10 weeks

Dates: Sep 10th – Nov 12th

Schedule: Sundays, 4:30-6pm

Ages: 2010/2009/2008

Location: Robinswood West, Bellevue

Cost: $199 includes COE jersey

There are limited spots available. To register CLICK HERE.