Coach Nelson has been a coach at NPSA since 2015.
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Nelson Salazar | NPSA Titans Soccer Coach

Full Name:  Nelson Salazar

Birthdate:  March 14th

Hometown:  Kirkland, WA

Club Supporter:  Sounders FC and Arsenal FC

Favorite soccer player: Edgar Davids 

Club Role: B06 White Bellevue - G02 White Bellevue

Coaching Qualifications - NSCAA Certified

Coach Nelson has been a coach at our club since 2015.  Coach Nelson has 2 daughters who play with our club and they all love traveling and creating fun soccer memories. When Nelson isn’t coaching, he is a sales and business development leader in the high-tech field and is a martial arts instructor.  He is a nationally ranked Judo instructor and competed at the University of Washington in his college days.  Nelson stays active to this day and still competes in the GSSL. 

Nelson has had a great amount of success with the club winning 2 Copa league titles and a Classic title.  He was also a finalist in the Sky River Cup, Eastside FC Cup, Washington Cup, and Skagit Super Cup.  He was also a Seattle Cup Champion with his GU16 girls. Coach Nelson has many awesome soccer memories being with friends, being a part of the soccer jamborees, and even watching Mt St Helens erupt during a game!