Coach Nelson has been a coach at NPSA since 2015.
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Nelson Salazar | NPSA Titans Soccer Coach

Full Name:  Nelson Salazar

Birthdate:  March 14th

Hometown:  Kirkland, WA

Club Supporter:  Sounders FC and Arsenal FC

Favorite soccer player: Edgar Davids of Holland and Juventus

Club Role: G02 and G03 Navy Coach – COE and NPSA Foundation Coach

Coach Nelson has been a coach at our club since 2015.  Nelson mainly works on the women’s side coaching the G02 and G03 girls as well working with the COE and NPSA Foundation. Coach Nelson has 2 daughters who play with our club and they all love traveling and creating fun soccer memories. When Nelson isn’t coaching, he is a sales and business development leader in the high-tech field and is a martial arts instructor.  He is a nationally ranked Judo instructor and competed at the University of Washington in his college days.  Nelson stays active to this day and still competes in the GSSL. 

Nelson has had a great amount of success with the club winning 2 Copa league titles and a Classic title.  He was also a finalist in the Sky River Cup, Eastside FC Cup, Washington Cup, and Skagit Super Cup.  He was also a Seattle Cup Champion with his GU16 girls. Coach Nelson has many awesome soccer memories being with friends, being a part of the soccer jamborees, and even watching Mt St Helens erupt during a game!