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Tiny Titans U6

Step 1:

Here at NPSA, we believe it is crucial to educate all young players on the basics of the game from day 1 of their soccer journey. Learning needs to be enjoyable for all young players so we put the FUN in fundamentals!

At this young age, children still like to play pretend and they sometimes struggle to think of things logically. Our curriculum for the Tiny Titans takes this information and then was created to deliver our soccer education accordingly. Our program encourages motor skills development, muscle development, and simple cognitive development. The emphasis here is learning the basics of the game and we do it in an imaginative and fun way. We want all our tiny titans to leave each session happy and excited about what they have just done, the new friends they may have made, and the enthusiasm to come back and keep playing.

As a club, we have a duty not just to teach the game in a fun and safe environment but to promote the love of the game over time. We have seen, far too many times, very young players fall out of love with the game due to an incorrect teaching method or through a coach that has not been guided in the nuances of what the young player at this age needs and wants. A professionally constructed and well thought out program means that all our Tiny Titans will learn, play, develop, and grow while reaping the benefits of physical activity and social interaction.

Our Tiny Titans program is professionally coached and designed to focus on our youngest players (4-6 years old). The program will consist of one fun training session per week. Each training session will consist of a short warm-up and technical training teaching each player the fundamentals of the game ending with some free and open play. During the games, players will be encouraged to implement the skills they have been working on with guidance from the coaches.