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January 2017

Welcome to our newsletter pages! Here we will post all our newsletters and keep them archived as we add more. Feel free to look around and read all about what is happening at NPSA.

NPSA Titan, January 2017

NPSA Titan, January 2017

Note from the DOC

Adam Nowland

Adam Nowland, Director of Coaching

Dear Titans,

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones and I wish you all the very best for 2017!

Spring Season is already upon us and I am excited to have our teams back on the training field with their coaches. Through our Spring Season Training Camp in December, I feel we strengthened all our rosters and will be heading into the PSPL Spring League Season & WA State Cup with a great deal of confidence.

It has been a busy off-season for some of our players with the Surf Academy Tryouts being held just before Christmas. The Surf Academy provides additional training opportunities for elite players to train and compete together under the guidance of top national and regional coaches. The Academy forms teams in each age group made up of the top players in the State and these teams travel to high-level tournaments across the country to compete.

At this year’s PSPL Surf Academy tryouts, NPSA was represented in several age groups. I am extremely proud to announce that 21 NPSA players were selected for their respective age groups and will now represent our program at some of the biggest tournaments all across the United States. This is another demonstration of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work and being a part of NPSA.

Not only are NPSA players being recognized at the next level but our staff are too. The Surf Academy now contains 6 of our very own NPSA Staff Members including Erik Oman, Keegan Rogers, Jack Sturgess, Keenan Butler and myself. Lee Hitchen, our Head of Admin and College Prep, is also directing the Surf Academy College Prep program which he will be implementing this Spring for NPSA. Again, this shows the strength of our program and the quality of our staff at NPSA.

Finally, as part of our mission to raise coaching standards and ultimately player advancement through professional coaching education, NPSA recently hosted the first part of the NSCAA Coaching Qualification with all our staff achieving the 4v4 diploma. Up next is the 7v7 & 9v9 courses which we will be hosting in February. Our commitment to developing coaches as well as players really sets us apart and will continue to do so moving forward.

I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter and I look forward to seeing you all out on the field over the course of Spring Season!

Together Each Achieves More


Latest Club News

Announcing the NPSA Player Pathway

At NPSA we believe in developing players the right way from the very beginning. We stay true to our mission of providing youth soccer development for all player levels by raising coaching standards and ultimately player advancement through professional coaching education in an engaging training environment. As soon as a player has an interest in the game or wants to be introduced to the game, we strive to provide the age appropriate program to allow all players to flourish and develop as they grow and age. Our vision is to influence positive change in the youth soccer landscape throughout the State of Washington, by removing financial, political, and social constraints that are the barriers to the development of players.

We aspire to provide every piece of soccer education for all players. With this vision we’re introducing the NPSA Player Pathway so NPSA can provide the very best in coaching, development and progressively challenging play to provide NPSA players with the ability to play college soccer. Read More.

NPSA makes waves in PSPL Surf Academy

NPSA players make the PSPL Surf Academy 2017

Congratulations to the 21 NPSA soccer players who made the PSPL Surf Academy for 2017. The Surf Academy is geared towards helping young players reach their dreams of playing collegiate soccer. These players secured a place on their teams due to their outstanding commitment to being extraordinary on the field. The players are:

PSPL Surf Academy Players


David Thomas

Jackson Barker (GK)


Caven Baumeister

Katrina Wolfe


Valentina Larrondo


Cody Pruitt

Anthony Beal

James Miller


Dilon Spahia

Douglas Bono

Bridger Tautvydas



Angel Hernandez

Takoda Zuehlke

Slone Sasouvanh

Casey Lennon-Jones

Kai Sharp


Kiara Goodwin

Makena Guenther

Justine Nelson

Briana Daniels

Hayden Senaga



In addition to having an unprecedented 21 players on the Surf Academy teams, we also have a slew of coaching staff who are coaching these and other outstanding young players. NPSA Coaches who are on the PSPL Surf Academy Staff include:

PSPL Surf Academy Staff

Lee Hitchen

Surf Academy College Prep Director                                                                                                                                                        

Erik Oman

Surf Academy Technical Director

Adam Nowland

Surf Academy Senior Staff Member 

B03 Age Group Head Coach                     

B02 Age Group Head Coach                                                                                                         



Jack Sturgess

Surf Academy Mentor Program      

Keegan Rogers

Surf Academy GK Assistant Coach


Keenan Butler

Surf Academy Mentor Program                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Upcoming Programs

NPSA Centre of Excellence

Center Of Excellence (COE)

The second session kicks off on January 15th and will run for 6 weeks, ending February 19. Led by NSCAA Instructor & 'A' Licensed Coach, Erik Oman, COE is focused on developing each and every player in the fundamentals of the game. Each week the professional coaching staff will educate the players on a specific topic following the COE curriculum devised by Erik. The topics are the essential building blocks that the players require in order to compete at the premier level and are often overlooked in team training environments. The cost for 6 weeks is $125, including a jersey. Register Now.  

Have a Keeper?


We have Goalkeeper Training led by GK Director, Keegan Rogers designed specifically for your keeper. Keegan has designed a curriculum to train all GK in the finer points of the position. All players will be pushed, tested, and challenged to become better in this unique and crucial position. Training kicks off January 15th and runs for 6 weeks.

Sign up now, as there are limited spots.

6 & 7 year olds invited to join the Junior Titans

Junior Titans

Do you have a child who is U7-U8 looking to play soccer? The Junior Titans, a step in the NPSA pathway, is open for registration too. The Junior Titan program is consistent with the NPSA philosophy and will help your Junior Titan make the transition to the next step in the NPSA Player Pathway, the Titan Premier Program.  

Remember:  Our Junior Titans program is open to both boys and girls . Join the Junior Titans Today.

GoalKeeper Union

Jackson Barker

Since the installment of the GK Union less than half a year ago, our community has grown significantly in so many ways. Our goalkeepers are developing at a rapid pace and the players, coaches, and coaches from around the PSPL are taking notice. One of our rising stars Jackson Barker, member of the B05 Navy Team, was recently selected to join the B04 Surf Academy program!

This is a huge accomplishment, especially since Jackson tried out for an older age group and is now competing for a spot on the traveling roster. To prepare for his Surf Academy trainings and the Spring season, Jackson has signed up to join the first instalment of our very own NPSA GK Union Training Program.

This program starts in mid-January and extends to April. This is an excellent opportunity for our goalkeepers to come together as a group and excel as goalkeepers and as friends! If you would like some more information on the Goalkeeping Union, please feel free to visit our club website. You will also find links to our Instagram page, Facebook page, in addition to an article outlining the NPSA Goalkeeping Mentality we look to instil in our young goalkeepers.

Want to play for NPSA?

If your child is still looking for a team to play on for the 2017 Spring season, we do have limited space available on some of our teams.

Age groups are as follows: 

Girls - G06; G05; G04

Boys - B08; B07; B06; B04

Contact NPSA today and become a TITAN!